Ако желите вољено, равноправно неговано, научено, лепо васпитано, прихваћено и дружељубиво дете - ваш прави избор је „Чупко“!


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"Дете је човек у оделу детета"

Душан Радовић

Do You Qualify?

There are 6 simple things we expect and need from you in order to make all this and more happen for you:

  1. You need to be at the mandatory rehearsal and appear on the Livecast for the day and time you have committed.
  2. You need to provide a digital offer item that we will use as part of the offer that will be pitched during the program.
  3. You need to provide a short bio and photo of you to be used for our event promotions and registration pages. We also need a short blurb on what you will be speaking on.
  1. You need to arrange an interview time with our writer so your chapter can be compiled for the book.
  2. All of your materials will be due 30 days before date of show (presenter slides, interview questions, digital item and physical item that will be included in group offer).
  3. We want to make sure all of the presenters reach the largest audience possible. So, we expect a minimum of 3 affiliate emails to go out to promote the Livecast. Mailings need to take place during the month of your show. Of course we would love to have you mail more, as the more we all mail the more exposure you get too.